Grow Securely:

Build Your HIPAA Manual

A supported, fuss-free approach to creating your HIPAA compliance documentation, logs, and security requirements

It just doesn’t have to be as difficult as you think

green check mark Step-by-step process that walks you through the entire process

green check mark Customizable Policy & Procedures

green check mark  Security Forms & Logs

green check mark  Guidance and Implementation Documentation

A Mindful, Holistic Standards-Based Method for HIPAA Security Compliance

Compatible with the PCT Way

green check mark Ethical standards based process

green check mark Security culture norming 

green check mark Leadership coaching

green check mark Support in navigating changes to procedure

Grow with Confidence

Set up Security Policies and Procedures

 Create a “HIPAA manual”

(and when you have a team, get information about how to disperse and encourage adherence to these guidelines)

3 Complete ongoing compliance tasks with clarity and support

Our experts have compiled all of their best advice, formulas and guidance into materials that guide you through the entire process.

Add Practice Care for access to consultation and support as you progress through the PCT way. 

I have reviewed all the manuals, policies, forms, and logs…. Roy, thanks again for all of these documents. The organization is a dream :)

Amy Brightman, LCSW

Thank you for making HIPAA as fun as it can be!! Keep it up! I am thankful to have found PCT early in my practice and I am glad you guys are in my life :)

Jessica Hudson, M.A., CCC-SLP

The PCT Way is the culmination of 15+ collective years of work with hundreds and hundreds of solo and group practices on selecting just the right services for maximizing efficiency and minimizing security risks.

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