Tear-free Risk Assessment and Mitigation

Consultant-led risk assessment and mitigation planning
DONE in 2 hours

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See your good work reflected in a supportive, shame-free risk assessment that inspires the mitigation process.

Unlike any other risk analysis and mitigation services, you are met where you are, with a kind focus on the technical and practical aspects of security in your mental health practice.

This is Step 4 of the PCT Way.

Learn more about the PCT Way here.

Created for both Solo Practioners and Group Practices.

How Risk Assessments and Risk Mitigation Planning Works

After purchase, you’ll be able to select the date and time to conduct your Risk Assessment and Risk Mitigation with a PCT expert consultant. 

On the date of your consultation, you and your consultant will use the Risk Analysis tool to assess your practice’s risks and can download a Risk Mitigation plan to comply with HIPAA requirements.

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Evan was validating and normalized my anxiety (and even shame, at one point) in this process (that I’ve attempted almost yearly for the past 6 years). I appreciated having somebody walk me through the questions one by one and explain better what a couple of the questions were asking when I didn’t understand. I have historically dreaded the Risk Analysis and Risk Mitigation because previous attempts have taken HOURS (easily 20-30+) over a week or two.  To be done with the process in less than two hours was very cost effective and very worth the financial investment!

Jackie Moore

green check mark Consultant Led Service

Get clarification and support as you assess your security risks from PCT’s team of experts

green check mark For Mental Health Practices

Created by mental health professionals for mental health professionals, so your client focus remains central

green check mark Technical and Practical Qualitative Assessment

Highly effective methodology which looks at the good work you are already doing and assesses compliance gaps that leave your practice vulnerable

green check mark Prioritized Mitigation Planning Documentation

Receive a prioritized list of mitigation tasks so you feel empowered to tackle high impact mitigation measures 

Additional Support From The PCT Team

Practice Care Premium (launching 11/12/21) provides weekly consultations with the PCT team, including Roy Huggins LPC NCC and Liath Dalton so you can get guidance throughout the mitigation process. 

Schedule Your Risk Analysis and Risk Mitigation Service

This is Step 4 of the PCT Way and while it can be helpful to do Steps 1-3 before Step 4, it is not a requirement. Start wherever it feels right for your practice.


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