Vulnerability is for your clients. Not your devices.

green check mark Access to instructional videos with step-by-step instructions to secure all popular makes and models of smartphones, tablets, external drives, and laptops. 

green check mark Get the hardest part of security and HIPAA compliance done with minimal drama.

green check mark The Device Security Center makes it super simple to secure smartphones, computers, tablets, external hard drives, etc.

Solo Practitioners with Solo Practice Care Premium can secure all their devices! 

With Group Practice Care Premium, Leadership can assign staff to register and easily secure their personally-owned devices

accessible teletherapy for all

“It is awesome- the video tutorial walk throughs are a life saver for tech-unsavvy folks like myself- thank you!” 

Bethany Kittle Burgess

Secure All Devices (whether it’s staff or practice owned) to meet HIPAA Security Requirements

We know that having secured devices is one way we can hold safe space for our clients. That’s why we made it as easy, and low drama, as possible.


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